Long Story Short: Why We're Living

Long Story Short: Why We're Living Happiness. Safety. Significance. Three things society tells us we’re living for, but what do they all mean?

Society dictates that to be happy, we need to be important and chances aren’t worth the risk. In Long Story Short, Andy Frost takes readers on a journey, highlighting society’s plot holes and asking:

What if these stories are  too small  to really frame our lives?

Frost invites readers to write a different narrative that includes the story of God, the foundation of the Christian faith – and why it’s the only story Frost will live. Leading the reader through the ‘book ends’ of Christianity, Frost offers insight into the Bible, God, and being a disciple. Sharing his own journey, Long Story Short is a down-to-earth, accessible read that encourages Christians of all ages and stages to reach a better understanding of their faith.

To cut a Long Story Short, after accompanying Frost on his adventure, readers will discover their own place in God’s unfolding, ever-growing story. Frost takes on life’s difficult questions and provides satisfying and surprising answers, even for those who are uncertain about faith.

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‘From the opening paragraph, I was hooked. Let me just say that, if you’ve ever asked the big questions about life and wondered what on earth it’s all about, this is a must read for you and your friends.’
Carl Beech, Christian Vision for Men and The Message Trust

‘Within these pages Andy creatively, and powerfully, challenges us, saying that not only does everyone love a good story but everyone lives by a story. Then he inspirationally invites us to join in with what might possibly be the greatest, truest, and most important story ever told, the one with the biggest impact on our lives. Miss it! Miss out!’
Matt Summerfield, President, Urban Saints

‘Fuelled by the belief that we are created for purpose, Andy Frost lays out a compelling plea for us to consider the narrative of our lives. Are we going to settle for less? Be short-changed by the immediate offers around us? This book encourages us to discover that there is a greater narrative at work that we have the opportunity to be written into – ultimately, we will find out the real meaning for our existence.’
Lou Fellingham, Worship Leader