1. Five non-fiction books – International Book Giving Day

    Five non-fiction books – International Book Giving Day

    With international book giving day taking place today, this entirely volunteer-based initiative is aimed at giving awareness and sharing the love of books. Originating in the UK, volunteers and book lovers alike join in on the yearly celebration worldwide by giving the gift of books to others with the hope of instilling in them an affinity and enthusiasm for books.

    Increasingly becoming popular each year, people can join in and take part in the celebration in a variety of ways. Some volunteers go to their local libraries and make donations, as well as school libraries for younger readers and other public community centres.

    With this in mind, SPCK has picked five books from their non-fiction list as an opportunity to gift to others on this day.

  2. Struggling to find space? Follow Jesus into the desert.

    Struggling to find space? Follow Jesus into the desert.

    The desert is a vast and beautiful. The colours of the sky and the sand and the piercing blue against the reds and the yellow, are intense. A few years ago, on an 8 days retreat in the Egyptian desert, three days of which were solitary and fasting, I was struck by the space and sheer beauty of the desert.

    It was a struggle to get away, with four children at home and a fulltime job, but I needed space and after all, many people, including Jesus, have gone into the desert and have found solace and purpose.

    I often feel I need space, space from the constant demands of daily life such as e mails and domestic tasks. I find that when I have a moment spare all too easily my hand can move to my phone or instead of sitting down I move to clear something away. I need to space to think, to remember who I am and space to breathe, for my body to stretch, to be alone, but I struggle to make it happen, even for a moment.

    The desert provided me with space to expand because there, of course, the usual demands could not crowd in. At first I was struck by the beauty of the sky at night and landscape by day, a beauty that stays with me whenever I think of those biblical stories of the desert.

  3. What is freedom?

    What is freedom?

    What is freedom?

    Diffusion workshop at HMP North Sea Camp

    Did you know that SPCK provides free easy-to-read books to prison reading groups? Our Diffusion books are specially written to help prisoners who need to improve their reading confidence so that they are better able to find employment on release. We also work to change, attitudes, thinking and behaviour so that prisoners can build more positive relationships with their families and society.

    We recently ran a reading group competition for prisons, with the main prize being a visit from Diffusion author Andy Croft.

  4. Remembering Michael Green

    Remembering Michael Green

    Our author Michael Green passed away on 6 February 2019. 

  5. #ReclaimSocial – Post Positive in 2019!

    #ReclaimSocial – Post Positive in 2019!

    Social media has so much potential to be a force for good. We can re-connect with old friends easier than ever before, share important news articles and keep distant family up to date with changes in our lives. Social media has also been central to campaigns and protests, as demonstrated by the viral #metoo campaign.

    But it is impossible to deny that there is a dark side to social media that isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Fake news, trolling and catfishing (a form of identity theft) are serious problems that social media firms need to do more to tackle.


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