Although most of the books we publish are commissioned by our editors, SPCK is always on the look-out for talented new authors and the Editorial Department meets regularly to consider submissions. If you would like SPCK to consider a book for publication, please provide us with the following information:

  1. a short biography including your qualifications for writing the book
  2. a brief synopsis or summary of the book
  3. the book’s intended readership
  4. an analysis of what makes your title different from similar books already in the market
  5. a contents page and one or two sample chapters (we usually suggest that this is not the opening chapter)

Please ensure that all material is at least 1.5 spaced and easily readable.

You can send the material by post to:

Editorial Department (Submissions)
SPCK Publishing
36 Causton Street
London SW1P 4ST

or email

If you send material by post and would like us to return it to you, please include a self-addressed envelope with the postage paid.

Before submitting your proposal, it might help to browse our previous titles to ensure we are the most suitable publisher for your work.

SPCK receives a number of book submissions each week and, while we reply to everyone as quickly as possible, it could be several weeks before you hear from us. Please also be aware that because, like many publishers, we receive a large number of manuscripts, we are unable to give detailed reasons why we turn down a proposal.