We have been educating both adults and children since 1698, and this continues to be a very important part of our work. Today, we are known for our resources for school assemblies (also called collective worship), which support children’s spiritual, emotional and personal development. is the leading website for school assemblies in the United Kingdom. Every month, we publish 16 new school assemblies (eight primary and eight secondary), which aim to facilitate spiritual growth in children and young people and conform to government guidelines for collective worship. In addition, we offer a number of ‘standing’ assemblies for events that impact the life of a school community, such as bullying, or the death of someone associated with the school, and ‘rapid response assemblies’ for news events that touch children’s lives.

Last year our website had 40 million hits and 4.9 million page requests. Our most popular assembly last month was downloaded over 5,000 times. Given an average of 200 children in a primary school assembly, we estimate that this assembly  alone was most likely experienced by one million children.

“ has an impressive array of material which helps hard-pressed teachers (and others) deliver assemblies which are thoughtful, educational and within a broadly Christian context. The search engine is genius at returning results for almost any key word! Perhaps one of the most helpful aspects of the site is the speed of posting assemblies in response to news stories – a huge boon for teachers who need an instant way of addressing the issues raised.”
Mary Hawes
National Going for Growth (Children and Youth) Adviser, Church of England

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