46For over 300 years, supporters like you have helped SPCK carry out its mission to communicate the Christian faith. Since we are funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions, we rely on supporters like you to continue our essential work.

Gifts in wills continue to be a very important way of funding our mission

  • Last year, a legacy of £8,000 for our Worldwide Programme enabled us to send around 3,400 books to needy student ministers in the Global South.
  • A further £6,000 from the same donor allowed us to write, edit and publish over four months’ worth of new assemblies on our School Assemblies Website, www.assemblies.org.uk, so that hundreds of thousands of children could experience an interesting and meaningful time of spiritual reflection and collective worship.
  • The sum of £6,000 for our Prison Fiction Project will fund the commissioning, editing and printing of two new books to help improve prisoners’ reading confidence and their chances of rehabilitation.

Wouldn’t you like to know that you could make a difference like this?

With this in mind, please look at our legacy pack entitled A Legacy to Last: Your Will to Communicate the Christian Faith. Inside this pack you can find stories from those who have left or pledged a gift in their wills as well as more about our mission and information about how to make a new will or add a codicil to your existing will.

A Legacy to Last – Your Will to Communicate the Christian Faith

Below are more inspiring stories written by our legacy pledgers about the work of SPCK:

“When my husband and I were working in Nigeria there was such need, particularly after the Civil War in the early 1970s. The then Bishop of the Niger wanted my husband to do two things; one was to create some text books on Christian belief for primary and secondary school children and the other was to facilitate the arrival of books for clergy and ordinands that would help them in their ministry. SPCK provided a grant to the diocese for this. And, of course, they sent International Study Guides for the ordinands. I could see the help that SPCK had given then and so I wanted to help in some way now. I am impressed with the way SPCK is moving with the times, both with their publishing and other activities, and that is why I am supporting them by pledging a legacy in my Will.”

“SPCK’s mission is to work through media to increase people’s religious literacy and educate them about Christianity. Once people join in the Christian fellowship, they will need books to help them continue that journey. I support SPCK because I think it’s still very important for people to have something tangible from which they can study and learn about the faith. The SPCK label on a book show it’s trustworthy, mainstream and not extreme.”

If you would like to speak to us about any aspect of our work or discuss leaving a gift to SPCK in your will, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact Primavera Quantrill, our Fundraising and Programmes Director, by phone on 020 7592 3911 or email pquantrill@spck.org.uk.