‘In Memoriam’ / Special Occasion Donations

It is painful to lose a relative or friend, but many feel that the tradition of sending flowers merely adds to the feeling of sadness at their passing. It is common now for the mourners to accept gifts towards a charity that meant something to the deceased and leave a lasting legacy, rather than receive flowers that look nice for a few days, then wilt and die.

The same principle can be applied where gifts are traditionally given for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. In this age of relative prosperity, many now feel that they would rather do something to help others than receive more stuff they don’t need. Surely a set of books for a needy African seminarian has more lasting value than another cruet set?

If you would like to collect donations in this way, the easiest way is to set up a page on JustGiving and select SPCK as your charity. Your friends can then make donations to your page and when the appeal is finished, Just Giving will send us the money with the Gift Aid. If you can’t see us on there, please phone 020 7592 3911, and ask to speak to Primavera.

If you think your friends are unlikely to donate online, then please collect cash, tot it up and send us a cheque for the total amount, or phone Dawn in our finance department on 020 7592 3900 to pay by debit card or credit card. Please do tell us if you can gift aid your donation and we can claim back the tax on the amount you give.

It’s also worth mentioning that some funeral directors can look after cash and cheques given by mourners at funerals until the moment when you are able to send it on to us.

We are very grateful to you for thinking of us both in times of sadness and in joy and thank you for your support.