The work SPCK does, for example in prisons and in schools, is such a blessing.  Being able to put our faith in front of people all over the world, with the best and most marvellous authors and contributors, that’s priceless.  The team have brilliant ideas and a real enthusiasm for embracing the best of the past, present and future, and it has been a pleasure to get to know them.” SPCK supporter

“I support SPCK because it’s very important for good, sensible books to be widespread and made available to people.” MW, supporter since 2000

“I like the idea of keeping something going by helping the Church in Africa which is connected with the Anglican Church here.” BH, supporter since 2006

The need for SPCK’s work today is as great as ever. Like you, we are passionate advocates of God’s Word. Our vision is for Christ’s message to be communicated in every home and every heart.

Since we are funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions, we rely on supporters like you to continue our essential work. Please support us by donating.

Make a one-off donation:

  • £20/€25 will enable us to send a pack of books to a prison reading group;
  • £60/€75 will cover all the costs of supplying ten books to a student in Myanmar;
  • £100/€125 will script a new school assembly.

Filling in our on-line form will send us your email address. If you do not want to be contacted in the future, please let us know by emailing

Alternatively, you can make a regular monthly or annual gift to SPCK by downloading, completing and sending a SPCK Regular Giving Form to Primavera Quantrill, SPCK, 36 Causton St, London SW1P 4ST.