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ISBN: 9780281076277
Publisher: SPCK
Publication date: 21 April 2016

Additional information: Paperback

Naked Prayers


Prayer is simply about getting naked before God: no frills, no pretence, just honest confessions to the one who made us and loves us unconditionally

Imagine the book of Psalms
filled with doodles
and accompanied by songs
of intimate meditation.

Naked Prayers is a contemporary take on an ancient tradition. Through her autobiographical collection of prayers – expressed in words, doodles and songs – Mara shows that there is no wrong way to pray. Her honest interaction with God speaks to this generation’s pursuit of authentic faith.

Come with Mara through her four stages of self discovery:

Following God through making a home in New York City
Fretting about the purpose and direction of her life
Falling into a period of depression
Finding her way back to freedom


Mara has written a delightful book on the honest nature of prayer, longing and connection with God. A fresh, honest, hopeful and whimsical vision of what it looks like to walk with God in these cynical times’. – Jon Tyson, Founding Pastor, Trinity Grace Church, New York, Author of Rumors of God