Seriously Literal Interpretation? The 2017 Laing Lecture

February 13, 2017

Professor Ian Provan, the Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, and author with SPCK of Discovering Genesis: Content, interpretation, reception; will give the 2017 Laing Lecture. Titled Seriously Literal Interpretation: The Reformation and the Right Reading of Scripture, this lecture builds on Professor Provan’s important work on hermeneutics and historical theology, timely and vital in this the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.

The invitation continues from the LST website:

You are very welcome to join us for the lecture which will take place: Monday 13th February 2017 at 19:30 in Emmanuel Church, Northwood.

In addition, Professor Provan will be speaking in LST Chapel on Tuesday, 14th February at 11:10 am, and give the traditional LST Academic Laing Lecture on Tuesday 14th February at 16:00 at LST. The Academic Lecture title is “On Bringing Home the Bacons: Reflections on Science, Faith, and Scripture”.

Book for The 2017 Laing Lecture
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2017 Laing Lecture

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