Walking with Jesus in the Holy Land

May 8, 2017 to May 17, 2017

Bishop John Pritchard, Chair of SPCK and former Diocesan Bishop of Oxford, writes:

I’m delighted to be inviting another group to join me on pilgrimage in the Holy Land in May 2017. Like thousands of Christians before me I’ve always found that this pilgrimage has stimulated and nourished my faith in a unique and lasting way, and I hope you might like to join me.

 We will be spending our days getting close to the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus, visiting sites that resonate wonderfully with the faith that we have heard and sung about week by week in church, but which springs to life in a whole new way in the holy places themselves.

We’ll also meet some of the heirs of Jesus, the ‘living stones’, in the small but remarkable Christian communities that sustain a Christian witness in what are inevitably very difficult circumstances. Pilgrims with me have often found these encounters some of the most memorable things to have happened to them on the pilgrimage.  

We will be travelling with Lightline Pilgrimages, a Christian travel company that works exclusively with Christian agents, hotels, restaurants and tour guides, and which was recently named as the ‘official and preferred’ pilgrimage partner for the Anglican diocese of Jerusalem. This ensures that we support our Christian brothers and sisters in a very practical way, and that we gain access to communities that are very close to the ground in Israel/Palestine.  

This is always an enormously rich experience, journeying together around the places that mean so much to us in the Land of the Holy One. I always feel that every Christian ought to go there at least once in their lives! Do start saving and join me next May.

Bishop John is a much-loved author and speaker whose recent Lent Book, ‘The Journey‘ explores Jesus’ final journey, through the lands that this Pilgrimage will walk you through. This is the first of two trips, the second can be found here.

For more details, do check out the brochure.