SPCK Stories

We are always discovering a wealth of fascinating stories about how different people over many years came to be involved with the Society.  If you would like to share your SPCK story with us, please do fill in the form below. We would love to hear from you!

Here’s just a sample of your stories:

mosesMoses’ story

The loss of my father and mother put me and . . . my siblings in a very awkward situation economically, such that accessing, let alone acquiring, the ISGs was a farfetched thing. [They] will surely help me in my studies at Zomba Theological College but also [they] are a testimony to me that . . . the Lord, in His own sovereign way, is concerned about His children’s plight and that he He will always provide for them.’


willGeraldine’s story

‘Knowing that my daughter’s legacy has helped to send books to student ministers in the Global South, publish assemblies and help prisoners improve their reading confidence is a real solace to us as a family. We are now all SPCK supporters in our own right, because we think SPCK is worth it.’


ManonManon’s story

I am always very grateful that I have assemblies.org.uk to turn to offer a busy day, when I realise I have to prepare an assembly for the morning! It is always my first port of call whenever I take an assembly. I particularly appreciate the fact that the website is bilingual and has resources for Welsh-medium schools.’


person and love heartJune’s story

‘It seemed natural to become a member. I like to support SPCK because bigger, better-known charities get so much support from other people, but SPCK relies on people like me to help.’



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