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Bray Day 2017

A brief report on the Annual Bray Day Service

I don’t know the words to use

Category: Seeking God's Presence

Do you speak English?
Or Spanish, Latvian or Martian?
When I pray I know that the words are in my own language
But what are you – some kind of Babel Fish translator?
It’s not the words is it?
It’s not just the thoughts or feelings either

It’s all of me
In communion, contact, embracing – all of these are words again!
It’s all of you with all of me
Sometimes with ‘sighs too deep for words’
Sometimes with embarrassment
Yes with Joy
and with sadness
With life in all its fullness

The words play their part
But only a part.


A prayer of address

Now here’s the thing
I don’t know how to begin

‘Dear God’ sounds like a letter
‘O Lord’ has echoes of a minor domestic disaster
‘In the name of Jesus’ has a nice ring but what does ‘in the name of’ mean
‘Hi God, its me’ – hi 1970s, I’m a hippy believer

Perhaps I should start at the other end:
‘Thank you’

Maybe I should start with:
‘I’m here because…’

I think I’ll stop worrying and just start.

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