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Category: God's Comfort

Guilt and Confession

So I said –
And she said –
Or he did –
So then I…
…I felt guilty

I felt bad
I’ve done a wrong thing
And now I wish I hadn’t

Thank you for guilt
Thank you for thinking that helps us to understand
Not all guilty feelings mean we’ve done something wrong
But often they guide us
And bring us to you

So here I am
Help me to understand what I did
Help me to put right what I can
To undo those things that can be undone
And bring to you those things that cannot be fixed
Except by you alone.


Loving God…

Loving God, in a world where there is often suffering,
I sometimes find it hard to believe in miracles.
Sometimes it is even difficult to pray to you
In case I am disappointed.

Silent reflection
I also confess, O God, that I don’t always see those
Who are waiting for healing and support.
I am sorry about that and pray that you will open my eyes
To the needs of others.
Forgive me and give me a new start.
I pray in your name

Dorothy McRae-McMahon, Liturgies for the Young in Years

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