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Category: Beginning of the Day

God, in your presence, I awake.

You are here at this day’s dawning,

As night shadows creep away

And the time comes for arising.

God, in you I rejoice.

God, in your light I awake.

You illuminate my way:

All may not be well within me,

But your brightness cheers my day.

God, in you I rejoice.

God, in your love I awake.

You hold me in your heart.

I feel myself drawn into you,

And know you will never depart.

God, in you I rejoice.

God, in your grace, I awake.

This life is a gift; I cannot earn it;

You shower me with your glory

And help me to live it.

God, in you I rejoice.

God, in you, I awake.

You are about me and at my side.

My very being depends on you.

Help me know this and to abide.

God, in you I rejoice.

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