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SPCK to Publish The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr

SPCK to Publish Richard Rohr's new book The Divine Dance

When you feel full of joy

Category: Joy

Joy runs through me
Joy overflows me
I want to shout it out
I want to sing it out
I want to dance it, move it, shake it about

I thank you that in the universe of rocks, of atoms, of photons
There is this thing that seems more real than any of them


We are the ones…

We are the ones who cheer goodness on the way.
Go into the world in hope and celebration.
And may Jesus feel as close as our best friend,
The love of God be near us every day,
And the Holy Spirit take us by the hand. Amen.

Dorothy McRae-McMahon, Liturgies for the Young in Years


Prayer of thanksgiving

Thank you bright Spirit, for the melodies in your song to us,
Your calling into lightness of heart and soul in a troubled world.
Thank you, bright Spirit, for all the signs of God around us
In colour and flowerings, in sunlight on water and the calm of the sea,
In boldness of mountain peaks and shadows on stone,
In poetry and painting, in music and in dancing,
In courage and caring, in hope and faith,
As we live in the creativity and joy of your image, O God Amen.

Dorothy McRae-McMahon, Liturgies for the Young in Years

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