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Thankfulness – the Celtic Tradition

Category: Joy

celtic crossThe Celtic tradition of spirituality takes a very positive view of life; thanking God for all that we see and live with.  God is found in nature, but also in the urban environment that most of us occupy.

A simple example of Celtic prayer is one that most of us could try.  Next time you’re in a queue, thank God for the life of the person in front of you and the person behind you, and for the person who is on the till, checking you in, or whatever it may be.

Cultivate thankfulness for all the people around you, and ask God to bless them today.  This can help to change your mindset, reducing any feelings of stress or boredom, and making your interaction with people around you far more positive.

Another characteristic of the Celtic tradition is an awareness of a sense that we are held in the protection of God, surrounded by his love on every side. The Cry of the Deer by David Adam is a book of meditations on the “Hymn of St Patrick” that emphasises this sense of the protecting presence of God.


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