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Friendship and Fellowship

Category: Friendship and Fellowship

But Ruth said,
‘Do not press me to leave you
or to turn back from following you!
Where you go, I will go;
where you lodge, I will lodge;
your people shall be my people,
and your God my God.
Where you die, I will die-
there will I be buried.
May the Lord do thus and so to me,
and more as well,
If anything but death parts you and me.

Ruth 1:16-17 
Friendship, fellowship, company.
Ruth and Naomi had suffered enormous personal loss
And Ruth clung to her Mother in law
When given a chance to return to her own family, her own people.

May my friendship be of this quality
This commitment.
May I be reliable, dependable and faithful
To my friends,
To my family,
To my faith.

For great good came afterwards
Good that they could not foresee
That relied on their relationship
Their closeness
Their love
To bring it about.
And so God’s story was moved on, many years ago.

May great good come from my relationships
That also move on the Kingdom of God
And its ways on earth.

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