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Category: Creation and the Environment

Almighty God, Lord of heaven and earth, we humbly pray that your gracious care may give and preserve the seeds which we plant in our farms that they may bring forth fruit in good measure; that we who constantly receive fron your goodness mat always give thanks to you, the giver of all good things; through Jesus Christ, your Son our Lord.

Unknown, Cameroon. Prayers Encircling the World


isn’t your creation wasteful?
Fruits never equal
the seedlings’ abundance.
Springs scatter water.
The sun gives out
enormous light.
May your bounty teach me
greatness of heart.
May your magnificence
stop me being mean.
Seeing you a prodigal
and open-handed giver,
let me give unstintingly…
like God’s own.

Dom Helder Camara, Brazil. Prayers Encircling the World


God our creator, redeemer and sustainer,
you set us in a world abundant with produce
and give us skill to till the soil and harvest crops
to support our life;
bless all who work the land
and manage the countryside.
May they protect the environment from damage,
the earth and rivers from pollution
and livestock from cruelty.
Inspire our trading with your justice
in fairness of price and wage.
As we are thankful for your rich bounty,
so may we ensure that none go hungry;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Ian Black, Prayers for all Occasions.


Heavenly Father,
you have created the countryside:
its fields and forests,
hills and rivers,
birds and animals
and fresh, healthy air to breathe.
We thank you for all this goodness and beauty.

Help those for whom rural life is hard and difficult:
those who must travel far to collect firewood
and bring their water from distant streams:
all who live in poor conditions.

Bless the efforts being made to improve conditions
in rural areas,
so that the people who work to feed this nation,
may themselves enjoy a higher standard of living.

William N Richards and James Richardson, Kenya. Prayers Encircling the World

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