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Prayers for the ups and downs of life

Category: God's Comfort

Prayers of the busy

When rushing to meetings, picking up the children, fitting in a hundred things
I am thankful that my life is so full
That I am needed
That I have a place within the bustle of life
Let me do this thing, in this moment well
And leave the next moment to do well in its turn.


When doing chores

This washing, this ironing, this cleaning, this rush to get it done before doing it all again…
Thank you for those who wear these clothes
As I work with them, help me to think of those who wear them
To think with joy of what they are to me
To treasure special moments with them
And to plan how I will lovingly get them to help out with the washing!

Thank you for this space
Help me not to clean it because it must be cleaned
But to make it a space for us to share
To live in together.


When I have no time to pray

Footfall prayers

I pray with each footfall as I walk: this step for him, this step for her, this step for myself, this step for peace…


When I wake

I pray as I wake; one short prayer each morning.
On Monday, for My loved ones
On Tuesday, for True wisdom
On Wednesday, for a World of peace
On Thursday, for Things I want to change in my life
On Friday, for the Folk I work and live amongst
On Saturday for Someone special
With Sincere and heartfelt thanks on Sunday.


Living prayer

I don’t separate prayer from my life
I try to live prayer
In being helpful to others I am living God’s kingdom
In speaking honestly I am spreading the word
In giving of myself I am giving of God
And when I fail to do these things I am praying the prayer of the human
And praying the love that lets me start over.


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